Beautifull Ballons

Beautifull Ballons

Up, up and away on your Pocket PC


  • Striking balloon image
  • Effective color scheme


  • Some of the Start menu icons are hard to make out


I've always been fascinated by hot air balloons after one landed in our school playground when I was eight. Hence, I was pretty excited to install the Beautifull Ballons theme on my Pocket PC.

The captivating main image in Beautifull Ballons depicts a series of glowing balloons at nighttime. The reflection of each balloon appears in the water underneath, making for quite a spectacle.

Besides adding this background image, the Beautifull Ballons theme also makes a few other changes to your system appearance. For instance, the top and bottom menu bars are transformed to a wonderful royal blue color, and a revamped Start menu is included. Unfortunately, the designer of the theme has chosen to use a transparency and this means that some of the icons on the menu aren't particularly visible against the background image.

Aside from this though, Beautifull Ballons makes for a great theme for hot air balloon fans (no pun intended).

Beautifull Ballons


Beautifull Ballons

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